About us

Email Marketing is an efficient way to reach thousands of potential customers with the simple click of a button, and that’s why this form of marketing is an established part of digital marketing strategies all over the world. The problem has always been selecting a service that is going to cater to your needs and provide you the best offering to reach your goals. After all there is no point overpaying on a service that you aren’t making full use of.

Why Are Your Reviews So Special?
We know, there are plenty of reviews out there and hundreds of platforms to choose from so what makes us different.

What makes our service so specialise is that we break it down into simple to read, and easy to understand segments for each service provider.

What we mean by that is that we offer genuine reviews, and highlight the features, price plans and customer support for each company, providing the good and the bad with no bias to any of them. Not only that but we also let the public decide what they think of that service, again, good or bad.

So, essentially what we have is a review site that takes all things into account, and saves you the time and effort in having to pay and review the services yourself.

Why Is Your Top Ten List Credible?
After hours of painstaking research we have gradually whittled our way down to what we believe is the top ten list. This list we have compiled hasn’t just been randomly selected. We have put effort into finding out which are the best email marketing services out there, and slowly removed the ones that we don’t feel make the final ten, using our own research, users research and fact discovering.

Whilst we do make it clear that the site is funded by sign-ups to these services, we act in a completely honest and unbiased way, as our primary goal is to make this the only source you will ever need in selecting and email marketing service.