Automating Your eBay Business

If you could choose between doing something yourself or having a robot do it just as well, what would you choose? If your goal is to improve your eBay business and to free up more time, so you can spend it working on the things you actually need to do, then you clearly would say “let the robot do it.”

This is crucial with non-physical, complex business models on eBay, as you will probably be selling a massive volume for low margins per unit. 

This means that you will have to remove yourself from the delivery and follow up process as much as possible if you want to maintain a profitable business structure.

You can do this by using a number of different tools to automate the process. In addition to the autoresponder I just described, you can also use eBay autolisters for free, which will help you to manage your auctions quickly.

Additionally, you can purchase a number of auto-delivery systems for your information products, software, videos, and audio. 

You can even setup a special Paypal button to automatically deliver your products upon checkout.

Remember, the less time you spend doing work like this, the more time you will have to expand and promote your business – and to perform other tasks for which your human, skilled labor is needed. Especially when you are just starting out, there is so much to do and so little time, so automate as much of the process as possible.

Automating eBay Conclusion

So how can you create a complex, non-physical business on eBay and make money? 

As outlined above, there are several different routes.

The most popular route involves back-end sales.

 If your goal is to make back-end sales, use branded products or your own products, sell them at the break even point or slightly above, and allow your buyers to give them away freely or sell them.

As mentioned before, the goal with back-end sales products is not to make money on the initial sale, but instead to make the upsale later by including logical “must have” products in the action plan.

The next way in which you can make money with a complex, non-physical business on eBay is to purchase high-quality, limited license products and sell them at high prices. Remember, no one buys regular products at regular prices on eBay; however, you may be able to get away with superior products at high prices.

Another way in which you can make money with one of these models is to sell your products for low prices. 

For instance, instead of selling something for $20, you can sell it for $5. Your profit margins may be low per unit, but you may be able to keep up a consistently high cashflow on eBay by leveraging the large market available.

The last way in which you can create a complex, non-physical business on eBay is by selling “loss leaders” to build a non-eBay business. 

This is tricky, but it may be an excellent way to find warm prospects for mailing lists and new sites.

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