Making Money on eBay with “Loss Leaders”

As mentioned earlier, the best use of a list for an eBay business is to separate buyers from the market medium. 

Other sellers on eBay will always have low prices and good, competitive unique selling propositions (remember, they're also selling “loss leaders”). 

For this reason, you want to pull buyers away from eBay stores – and transport them to your site, where you can sell them a variety of products with higher profit margins.

Now, if you're selling information products and you make your own information products, you can pull these loss leaders from eBay – and then advertise your own products exclusively on your site. You do not need to pay eBay insertion fees and you do not need to wait for the end the biddings.

For instance, you could sell a short PDF about gardening on eBay for only $1. You could then segment the members of your list who joined because they purchased this product. 

Once you have enough members, you can create a product about gardening – whether it be videos, software, audio, or a larger PDF – and sell it for a reasonable price.

Growing Your Lists with “Thank You” Emails

Regardless of whether or not you decide to use the list method, you should always send a thank you letter to your clients that makes some type of attempt to get them to consider making future purchases at your store.

For instance, if you decide to forgo the list-building method, you can offer them an immediate upsell or a one time offer.

 You could also consider giving them a one time discount on certain products – or you could even give them a lifetime discount on certain items. 

They will give them an incentive to continue returning to your business.

Again, regardless of what method you choose, you will want to repeat your eBay business name multiple times in your thank you letter. 

This will help buyers to remember your ID, so they do not have any trouble getting back to your site when they want to make a future purchase.

If you do decide to use the list method, you will want to use thank you emails to boost the size of your list. 

The best way in which you can do this is to create emails for each product group you are selling. 

You can then send a thank you email to each buyer according to the group they fall into – and then direct them to the squeeze page for the corresponding list.

Again, your goal is to get people to sign up for a segmented list – and to pull them away from eBay however you have to do it. 

The end result, if done properly, will be increased upselling and increased lifetime profit per customer.


This is a great way of building your list. 

Your list would be making money once it is big enough. 

And all this can be done by first selling Loss Leader products on eBay, then directing those buyers to your website where you will be selling a variety of products within the same theme to them. 

Again, the advantages of this is that you will first be seen as an expert on the subject matter, and the product you sell is capable of being sold at a higher price than on eBay. 

This is because people in general expect dirt cheap items on eBay, and compare incessantly before making a purchase. 

On your website however, you have the ability and freedom to fully describe your product and convince your potential buyers on why they should be such and such a product. 

These people that do come to your website are the ones who are more willing at buying a certain product and would appreciate buying the product from a seller who is seen as an expert in the field.

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